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Deep Fryer cleaning

Streamlined, like-new restoration for a kitchen of class

A practical solution for you to step away from the dirty work, our Deep Fryer Cleaning service is a hassle-free way to maintain your fryers without breaking a sweat. Our experts will visit your location on a scheduled basis, ensuring your deep fryers are professionally cleaned, drained of used cooking oil, and ready for action.

Picture it: hours of cleaning handed back to you with peace of mind that your deep fryer remains in like-new condition. No need to stress about leaving the kitchen the way it 'should' look—we've got it covered.

The end result: your kitchen, effortlessly tidy, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

  • Eliminate all grease outside of trading hours
  • Revive your fryers to be like-new
  • Completely clean, zero effort

Oil Removal & Recycling

Oil Removal & Recycling

Old oil taken offsite at the snap of your fingers

At Vat Clean, sustainability is at the heart of our culture. That’s why when we saw kitchens just needed to rid of their oil waste, we decided to not only offer the in-and-out experience of oil removal, but to do what’s best for the planet.

Our Removal & Recycling service is the easiest way for industrial kitchens to step away from the drama of their old greasy mess. It’s as hassle-free as it gets.

Our glorious team will show up to your location to drain and take your dirty fryer oil offsite. We’ll then have it recycled to reduce waste and to ensure it’s getting the second life it deserves.

No more drums of lumpy gunk sitting around the workplace. Just cleanliness and peace of mind.

  • Deep fryer oil drained and taken care of
  • Best option to give your oil a second life
  • Professionally taken care of out-of-the-way

Oil Reple-nishment

Oil replenishment

Out with the old, in with the new

The highest quality cooking oil is what we know at Vat Clean. Our replenishment program is an essential addition in our commitment to streamlining your kitchen’s process of delivering high-quality food, consistently.

From Fryola, to Aroma vegetable oils, we’ve got you covered. Have the peace of mind knowing what’s going into your deep fryer is the best of the best—just sit back and we’ll handle the rest.

To be carried out on a scheduled basis, our team of oil experts will professionally drain your fryers (if need be) and top them up with the fresh stuff. No fluff—we’ll be in and out in a heartbeat, so your team can focus on what matters most.

Note: Oil Replenishment is an optional add-on and may not be provided as a standalone service.

  • Step away from the greasy work
  • Choose from Fryola and Aroma oil
  • Schedule your top-ups periodically

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